In a world that is rapidly moving towards global media sources, Fyne Associates is proud to call itself local. All our products have a strong regional angle and we don’t just produce the magazine for our areas, we get involved in the local community too. We believe that you can’t call yourself a local product unless you engage with your audience, and so Fyne also has a long history of supporting local businesses, charities and events.

Fyne Associates was formed in 2001 and initially carried just one title, Fyne Times, an LGBT magazine with several regional issues. In 2009, Fyne Associates branched out beyond Fyne Times and launched Golf South Magazine, a golfing publication, also with several regional variations. A spin-off from this magazine was the annual Society Guide, which is still published every year.

In 2010, we launched Pick Didcot magazine, a lifestyle and local interest magazine for the Didcot area. Later, the remit of the publication was widened to include the whole of South Oxfordshire. This has very recently been joined by a sister publication – Pick West Oxfordshire – which covers the Witney, Carterton and Chipping Norton area.

Two high-gloss, high-lifestyle magazines were added to the stable when Fyne began to publish OX and HC magazines (HC has been running since 2007 while OX was first published in 2010). Both are a fantastic addition to the Fyne Associates stable.

If you already have an advert set up and ready to go, then that is great. If not, we also offer a professional advert design service which means we can make sure your business looks professional and directly reaches your target market via a highly professional looking magazine. For more information, feel free to get in contact via the ‘Contact Us’ section, or you can call the office on 01235 856300


Our Magazine Range


OX & HC Magazine

HC & OX Magazine has become the premier complimentary luxury lifestyle magazine for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and South Oxfordshire. It has achieved a sound reputation for showcasing some of the finest businesses in the area, reaching an unparalleled readership with its strategic distribution.

Golf South Magazine

Golf South fills a vital gap in the market, that of a local golf magazine. While many golfers enjoy reading about the professionals, there is little media that also covers local competitions and results. This A5 free to pick up publication has two regional variations – South East and South West.

Pick Magazines

Pick Magazine aims to highlight the good bits of your area and to re-ignite your passion for all things local. Whether it’s reading about a famous local figure from the past or a new shop that has opened in the high street, Pick aims to give you all the good news about your local area.

Fyne Magazine

Fyne Times has reported on the massive positive steps forward in UK LGBT’s lives. The first issue was published in a time when Section 28 prevented the promotion of homosexuality in schools, the age of consent for gay men and adoption rights were still unequal and marriage rights were a distant dream.
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